Emerging Artists Awards

sponsored by OneEighty, SkaterHQ and Surf Paints

  • Week 1 - Jordan Lee - Skull Candy and Emily Goudie - Who's Hungry
  • Week 2 - Melissa Lamarque - My Lockdown Buddy and Eve Mortimer - Dancing Skater Girl 
  • Week 3 - Amy Reddacliff - The Real Superhero
  • Week 4 - Rachel Henry - Gang Gang Cockatoo and Luke Rosnell - Ziggy

People's Choice Award

The People’s Choice and runners up of this year’s competition are:

Over 18’s:

Aleta Wassell - Burumerring Yanung (Wedge-Tailed Eagle Looking/Watching – pronounced boo-roo-meh-ring    yah-noo-ng)


Over 18’s runners-up:

Jordan Lee – Skull Candy

Dane Bousfield – KFC Killers

Lucia Talbert – Just Walkin


Under 18’s:

Melissa Lamarque - My lockdown buddy


Under-18’s runners up:

Finlay Powell – A deck of cards

Aarohi Bansal – Ghibli Films

Monique Wassell – The water, land and their stories

Voting closed 5pm Sunday 31 October.