Northern Composure Unplugged winners for 2020 are...

  • 1st Place - Nat & Jules, guitar & voice
  • 2nd Place - Sophie O'Neill, guitarist
  • 3rd Place - Jocelyn Fletcher, instrumentalist & voice
  • People's Choice Award - Chloe Tyrrell, guitar & voice
  • Encouragement Award - Dhara Cullen, harpist & voice

You can still tune into our playlist of the top 10 acts from the 2020 Northern Composure Unplugged competition below. 

Dhara, 12

Dhara has been playing the harp since she was 4 years old. She regularly busks and performs in local venues. She has been fortunate to learn from Jane Rosenson who is the principal harpist for Opera Australia.

Watch Dhara perform

Chloe, 17

Chloe is currently completing her HSC, she works hard after school attending local music academies to pursue her music career. She loves songwriting and performing and hopes to inspire others with her music.

Watch Chloe perform

Nat & Jules, both 17

This pair teamed up at just 8 years old and have performed at a number of local venues, theatre productions and competitions - including Australia's Got Talent! You might catch them busking locally on Manly Corso. 

Watch Nat & Jules perform

Caleb, 18

You may know Caleb as the lead vocalist/keyboardist for the band Pocket Mammoth. Besides his work with the band, he also is working on a solo acoustic project, stripping back his music to just melody and keys to produce a truly unique sound.

Watch Caleb perform

Rachael, 17

Rachel has a deep appreciation for music because it's personal and helps us connect, she hopes that she can help people know the value and comfort of music.

Watch Rachael perform

Joker in the Pack, 16 - 18

This local band formed after working together in a high school music production - they have been playing together for over a year!

Watch Joker in the Pack perform

Georgie, 16

Starting from a young age, Georgie has always had a passion for music and was fortunate enough to learn from her Grandpa. She has performed in many musicals and loves to get out and busk when she can!

Watch Georgie perform

Jocelyn, 15

She's been loving music for as long as she can remember and has great respect for music and its way of connecting to people. 

Watch Jocelyn perform

Tiana, 18

Tiana wrote her first song in Year 4! She continues to learn and improve her skills as a musician and has performed regionally and overseas in choir and band and played at gigs since she was 14.  

Watch Tiana perform

Sophie, 18

Sophie is an instrumentalist, using unconventional tuning to play solo acoustic pieces demonstrating a real talent for the guitar. Having played at local venues on the beaches for some time, she hopes to go on to write more music and continue performing.

Watch Sophie perform

Photos credit - Damian Barber / Chromatica 

2020 Judges:

Our top 10 finalists were judged by a panel of industry professionals and one of Council's 2019/20 Youth Advisory Group Members. 

  • Oli & Louis of Lime Cordiale
  • David Keogh, founder of Perfect Pitch and live music venue Eastern Lounge
  • Dan Nascimento, manager of Ocean Alley
  • Kellie Crawford, original member of Hi5
  • Sam Wilkins, local audio engineer and member of Council's Arts & Creativity Strategic Reference Group
  • Jay Parrino of Outlier, former The Voice contestant and finalist of Australia's Got Talent
  • Georgia Broadhead, 2019/20 Council Youth Advisory Group Member

Northern Composure Unplugged 2020 is proudly sponsored by Mona Vale Music and Perfect Pitch, with support from Ocean Alley.

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