We love the Northern Beaches and want to protect our beaches and bushland. Council recently supported businesses on their transition to the circular economy by providing reusable containers at office precincts. 

Your office can continue to lead the way, by purchasing reusable containers for your lunch room. This enables your staff to use a container at their local food outlet to enjoy a zero-waste lunch. Your caterer could also use these containers at staff meetings to create a great impression on your clients.

Circular Containers program for offices

We assisted thirteen local offices to set up a shared container system in their lunch room. The recipients provided feedback on the program, indicating that the average uptake was 60% of staff using the cups and containers three times per week. Half the businesses also used the cups at meetings once per month. This could save an estimated 73,000 cups and containers saved from landfill each year. It was reported that at least five new local food businesses accepted the containers after a conversation about the benefits of reusable containers for food businesses. If you find any new businesses accepting reusable containers, these can be added to the BYO Containers map!