Council is dedicated to a plastic free Northern Beaches. See our initiatives to reduce single use plastics.

Policy Development

Two new policies were adopted by Council in August 2017.

Single Use Plastics Policy - This policy encourages responsible procurement and consumption practices within Council and the community.

Waste Minimisation at Functions and Events Policy - This policy requires event organisers to reduce their waste, promote sustainable procurement and increase recycling at public events held on Council property. The Policy and Guidelines ban event organisers selling or distributing single-use plastics, balloons, bottled water and single serve sachets.

Council Staff programs

  • Single use plastic staff champions to act as role models for change, encouraging others to do the same, inside and outside work.
  • An internal staff survey of disposable coffee cup use resulted in 88% of staff supporting a ban of their use and since then, most staff have transitioned to using a reusable coffee cup.

Resources for Residents

More information

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