Did you know that Development Consent or a Complying Development Certificate must be obtained prior to the construction or installation of most swimming pools?

And that the pools are to comply with the Standard at the time when to pool was built and where the pool barrier has been altered or rebuilt the most current Standard applies?

Did you know all portable swimming pools and spas must still comply with the Swimming Pools Acts 1992 and the various safety requirements?

This includes the ‘do-it-yourself’ pools sold at various department stores!

Pool owners must register their swimming pool or spa on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

Council can provide important information to assist homeowners fully comply with the provisions of the Swimming Pools Act and Australian Standards, covering safety fences and gates for outdoor swimming pools, child-safe barriers for indoor pools, and swimming pool safety.

This is vital information that you must know if you are building or installing a pool. There are no second chances for a drowned child.

Council’s guidelines combine details of the Swimming Pools Act and Swimming Pools Regulation 2018 and various Australian Standards relating to safety, fencing and gates for pools.


For further details, contact Council on 1300 434 434 or

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