Get the whole family outside, caring for the environment and having fun, with DIY projects to encourage wildlife to your garden.

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Possum Drey

The term 'drey' refers to a nest built by a ringtail possum. An artificial drey should resemble the natural drey as closely as possible, in comfort and size. Hanging baskets conform perfectly to these specifications.

Watch this short video on how to build an easy possum drey.


Lizard Lounge

Have fun building a simple, little space for lounging lizards, complete with hiding spots and surfaces to bask in the sun. Watch this short video on how to build a lizard lounge.



Water Station

Provide a source of water for thirsty native wildlife with this easy DIY project. Watch this video to find out how to make a water station


Bee Hotel

Make a fun and easy home for our natural environment's super pollinators, the native solitary bees. Watch this video to find out how to make a bee hotel