What is a Public Interest Disclosure (PID)?

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 establishes a system to encourage people who work in the public sector to report serious wrongdoing without fear of reprisal, such as adverse treatment, intimidation or being sued for defamation. A report of wrongdoing made under the provisions of the PID Act is known as a Public Interest Disclosure (PID). 

Corrupt conduct, maladministration, serious and substantial waste of public money, breach of the GIPA Act, and local government pecuniary interest contravention are examples of serious misconduct. 

How do I make a report?

A report can be made in writing or verbally to any level 5 and above staff member (Team Leader, Manager, Executive Manager, Director, CEO) who will then report your PID to a Nominated Disclosure Officer, or you can report directly to any Nominated Disclosure Officer.

Alternatively request a call from Sally Hall or Barb Scott on 1300 434 434, or email complaintsresolution@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au

If you are a public official outside of Northern Beaches Council, you may make a disclosure using this form.