Council has restricted access to public roads on Scotland Island to all traffic except vehicles authorised by Northern Beaches Council.

Vehicles will be restricted to the use of registered vehicles approved by Council (e.g. Small private vehicles, community vehicle, Island contractors, waste collection, and RFS).

Owners and tenants of Scotland Island may apply for a Scotland Island Access Permit for resident vehicles and service vehicles.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

When does the Scotland Island Access Permit commence?

The 20/21 Scotland Island Access Permit Resident Vehicle is valid from 30 November 2020 to 29 November 2021.

The 20/21 Scotland Island Access Permit Service Vehicle is valid on specific dates as nominated, and then approved by Council.

What do I do with my unregistered buggy/vehicle during the implementation period?

The unregistered vehicle will need to be inspected prior to being register.  You will be able to apply for an access permit provided the vehicle in question has a unique identifier number available to be added into the application form.

How do I get the unregistered vehicle inspected?

Council will be providing several opportunities for buggies to be inspected on Scotland Island in accordance with the requirements from TfNSW Technical Services.  Once the dates are confirmed the community will be notified.

Will there be a cost associated with the 2020/21 Permit?

No fee will be charged with the 20/21 permit.

There will be an opportunity for the community to have input into the prescribed fee to be charged in 21/22 when the draft fees and charges are place on Public Exhibition.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Scotland Island Access Permit?

  • Copy of current and valid Driver Licence showing full name of applicant.
  • Current and valid vehicle registration information of the vehicle/s to which the permit will be allocated.
  • If the vehicle is registered to a business, then a letter of confirmation on an official letterhead and signed by the nominated Director or Manager is to be submitted with the Application Form.
  • If the property is tenanted, then a current and valid Residential Tenancy Agreement must be provided showing the property address and tenant details.
  • Your vehicle is not a trailer, boat, caravan, heavy vehicle, motorcycle, scooter or tractor.

Will I get a permit for my vehicle?

Yes, if the vehicle has current registration or is successful in passing the inspection process, you will be provided with a coupon.

Permits can be posted to a nominated property address or collected from a nominated Council Customer Service Office.

It must be displayed on the passenger side of the dashboard of the vehicle and not be displayed under the tint of the windscreen or otherwise obscured.

What costs are involved in the registration process?

The unregistered vehicles need to be inspected, at the owner’s cost (either through the arranged inspection on Scotland Island or other authorised vendor) then there will be a registration fee and a 3rd party insurance charge to pay prior to the Conditional Registration being issued.

What if the buggy / light utility vehicle fails to pass initial inspection?

The customer has 3 months to retrofit the required items and have the vehicle reinspected or the permit associated with it will be cancelled. This will then be a compliance matter.

Can I surrender my non-compliant buggy or unregistered vehicle if I choose not to continue to use the vehicle?

Council will work with the community to remove any unwanted or hazardous vehicles.

Who can drive the buggy / light utility vehicles or other registered vehicles on Scotland Island once they have a permit?

All vehicles need to be driven by the holder of the appropriate NSW or other driver licence.  Failure to comply is an offence under the Road Rules.