Manly Warringah War Memorial State Park is also know as Manly Dam and supports 375ha of pristine bushland. The area consists of a large bushland reserve within a predominantly urban landscape. The bushland supports a diverse range of flora and fauna including threatened species. 


There are six vegetation communities within the Park which contain over 300 plant species recorded (including 18 different native orchids), some which warrant protection due to their conservation status. Sydney Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland (dominant canopy species Eucalyptus haemastoma and Eucalyptus gummifera), Coastal Sandstone Heath, Sydney Sandstone Gully Forest (dominant canopy species Angophora costata), Coastal Sandstone Swamp,  Duffy's Forest (threatened ecological community) and an artificial wetland.

Three threatened plant species have been recorded in the Park, Seaforth Mintbush (Prostanthera marilfolia), Tetratheca glandulosa and Pimelia curviflora var curviflora.


The Park's bushland, waterbody and foreshores provide habitats for a variety of native fauna including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.  Threatened fauna species recorded in the Park include the Heath Monitor, Red-crowned Toadlet, Grey-headed flying-fox and Eastern Bent-wing Bat.

Mammals commonly recorded within the Park include the Brushtailed Possum, Ringtail Possum, Brown Antechinus, Bush Rat, Long-nosed bandicoot and Short-beaked Echidna. Reptiles include, Eastern Blue-tongues Lizard, Eastern Water Dragon, Lace Monitors and several snake species. Over 80 species of birds have been recorded both waterbirds and terrestrial species.  There are Eastern Long-necked Turtles in the dam water body and several frog species in the riparian areas. A small population of the climbing Galaxias can be found in the Park which is the most northerly population in Australia. 

Wildlife Protection Area

Dogs must be on a leash at all times in this reserve and are prohibited for all picnic areas. Cats are not allowed here at any time. Find out more