• Manly Dam Heritage Walk

Manly Dam (Manly-Warringah War Memorial Park) is an extensive, tranquil bushland valley containing Sydney’s largest freshwater lake created by the damming of Curl Curl creek in 1892.

A popular spot for walking, mountain biking, picnicking, water skiing, swimming and fishing, the Dam also has significant heritage value. 

There are many walks available, from heritage, wildflower or Aboriginal themed walks, to long walks and short walks. 

TRACK WORKS: Council is undertaking works between July and September to upgrade the Manly Dam Park Circuit Track between Picnic Area 4 and the Fire Trail Bike Track. Workers and machinery may be present. Please Use Caution and Follow any Directions. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Buses to the north and east 142, south 132 and west 169 (see map). From the nearest bus stops to the circular walk and return, add half to one hour to the walking time. Vehicular entry from King St, Manly Vale. Note there are links to this reserve from the coast and from the ‘Harbour to the Hawkesbury’ track.

Grade: Medium
Distance: Various - Park Circuit Track is 7.3km 
Time: Various - Park Circuit Track is 3 hours
Path: Formed track, some obstacles, some steep sections, many steps, sections of the track are shared with mountain bikers


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Dogs are not permitted in the picnic areas, the internal road, carparks, or the water at any time. 

Dogs, on a leash, may be walked on the bushland tracks which can be accessed at various external (outside of the picnic area) entry points.  (see fox baiting notice below)

NOTICE: FOX BAITING - Park staff will be undertaking fox baiting throughout the Park from 12th to 30th August 2019. To ensure the safety of domestic dogs, and meet legal requirements, dogs will be prohibited from ALL areas in the Park from 12 August through 27 September 2019.


Waterfalls, Rockpools


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