Forestville Park is located at the eastern end of Currie Road in Forestville and contains 24 hectares of bushland that adjoins Garigal National Park.

The park includes bushland with extensive bush tracks as well as several sporting facilities.

The bushland consists of low open forest, woodland, scrub and wet heath in the catchment for Main Creek, and is recognised under the National Estate register.

Over 200 native plant species from 50 families are found at Forestville Park along with 110 weed species.

A number of urban pressures have impacted upon Forestville Park bushland, including substantial landfill in the 1970s, stormwater runoff and dumping of waste.

Professional and volunteer bush regenerators have been working at Forestville Park since 1996 removing weeds, clearing degraded areas and conducting ecological burns.

Wildlife Protection Area

Dogs must be on a leash at all times in this reserve and cats are not allowed here at any time. Find out more

Forestville Park


33 Currie Road

Forestville NSW 2087