Dee Why Lagoon Wildlife Refuge covers an area of 77ha of which approximately 30ha is water of the lagoon. The remaining 47 hectares are above the high tide water mark and include remnant native bushland. The reserve was declared a Wildlife Refuge in 1974 for the purposes of preserving and conserving the natural environments. Today the reserve is a listed under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and contains several listed threatened ecological communities.

The high conservation values of Dee Why Lagoon and adjacent areas of natural vegetation were recognised in 1973 when the area was gazetted a Wildlife Refuge under the Fauna Protection Act 1948. The bushland and wetland of the refuge contain a sequence of coastal ecosystems rarely found in an urban environment and as such represent an important regional environmental and education resource. Dee Why Lagoon Wildlife Refuge and the nearby Long Reef Aquatic Reserve are significant conservation areas and together are an important resource for resident and migratory wildlife. The refuge provides habitat for endangered migratory bird species listed under international conservation agreements.

Wildlife Protection Area

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Dee Why NSW 2099