We have a number of dinghy and watercraft storage locations on Northern Beaches.

Storage Hire and Waiting List

There is a high demand for dinghy and kayak storage at most facilities. We recommend you check the status of each facility before applying as many are at capacity. Council will regularly update each facility with the current status. 

Read more about applying for storage hire and waiting list information.



Bilarong Reserve Kayak Storage

55 Wakehurst Parkway , North Narrabeen
Located off Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen and has 24 horizontal kayak racks. Currently at capacity

Church Point Watercraft Storage

Church Point Parking Area , Church Point
The storage facility includes 7 vertical dinghy bays – maximum length 3m and 8 kayak bays. Currently at capacity.

Clareville Beach Watercraft Storage

Delecta Avenue , Clareville Beach
The storage facility includes 190 vertical dinghy spots – maximum length 3m and 16 kayak spots. Currently at capacity

Forty Baskets Dinghy Storage

Forty Baskets Beach , Balgowlah
The storage facility includes 46 horizontal dinghy racks - maximum length 3.5m. Currently at capacity.

Little Manly Beach Watercraft Storage

Craig Avenue , Manly
The storage facilities include 57 vertical dinghy racks, 14 horizontal dinghy racks and 42 horizontal kayaks racks. Currently at capacity

Paradise Beach Watercraft Storage

Paradise Avenue , Avalon
The storage facilities include 66 horizontal dinghy spots- maximum length 2.5m and 12 kayak spots. Currently at capacity

Sandy Bay Clontarf Watercraft Storage

Sandy Bay , Clontarf
The storage facilities include 11 horizontal dinghy racks - maximum length 3.5m and 9 horizontal kayaks  racks - maximum length 4m. Currently at capacity

Dinghy and watercraft storage applications

Council provides dinghy and watercraft storage at a number of waterside locations. These bays are available for lease on an annual basis.