red and yellow flags

Be beach safe - top tips for safe dips

Beach safety tips for in and out of the water.

To have a fun day at the beach, it’s important to know the basics of beach safety both in the water and on the sand.

The most important rule: No flags = no swim.

Lifeguard top tips

The number one rule to stay safe at the beach is to swim between the flags at patrolled beaches.  

lifeguard on beach

What to do if you are caught in a rip

Steps to float and get out of a rip.

person in water with hand raised

How to spot a rip

How to spot a rip.

aerial of beach showing a rip

Beach safety signs

Please be sure to read any and all safety signs before entering the water.


Surfer code

The beach is a shared space for everyone. Follow these tips for staying safe in the surf: 


Rock fishing safety

Rock fishing is a dangerous pastime. If you choose to rock fish, you run the risk of slipping on rocks...

person rock fishing