Across Australia, 4,900 are registered with Responsible Cafés - and this group keeps growing!

On the Northern Beaches, we have over 60 local cafés doing their bit to make sure you can enjoy your cuppa sustainably.

Responsible Cafes members don’t all use the same tactics to get you enjoying your coffee waste-free! Some cafes ask their customers to pay for a single-use cup, others have a mug library, a swap cup system or a cup loyalty system.

Here's some stand-out examples and just a few of the actions they are taking:

Responsible Cafés map

The Responsible Cafés map recognises the cafes that take sustainability to the next level through their “Coffee Bean Rating”.

Check out the 3-bean ratings or above and you’ll notice a few stand out cafes (such as those mentioned above) and the full list of their amazing actions.

Move the map to anywhere on the Northern Beaches to find your next place to enjoy a sustainable coffee!

Register your café 

If your café is not on the map, or you need to update your listing, register with Responsible Cafes today to let your customers know all the ways you are protecting our beaches and bushland for future generations.

The benefits of joining extend beyond the map, with posters, social media toolkits, discounts from swap cup partners and free carbon footprint assessments.