Do you want to learn the ultimate way to eliminate waste from your business? At our Swap out single-use plastic webinar we heard from three local businesses about their experience with ‘swap and go’ coffee cup and container systems.

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“We need to shift the mindset from convenience to responsibility.”

This was wonderful advice from Ryan at Girdlers but how does he achieve this? Ryan says that his staff build relationships with their regular customers, which is what hospitality is all about. When the staff are confident, they start to mention little ideas to shift the customer’s mindset. We love that this approach has helped his customers to think about responsibility for our local community.

Hear more about Ryan’s experience with Green Caffeen by listening to this 3 minute video:

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Some businesses are going beyond reducing coffee cup waste and also reducing pre-consumer packaging. Adam from Little Italy Coffee Roasters reported that they are working with their customers, including Hideout Café in Dee Why, to trial a system where the coffee beans are delivered to the store in reusable buckets rather than single-use plastic packaging. The empty buckets are returned to the roasters with the next delivery.

Hear more about Adam’s success with Claycups by listening to this short video:

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‘Swap and go’ systems are a great talking point for staff to use to highlight sustainability in your business. Phil from Ruby Lane talks about two great systems his café uses, Returnr and Huskee Swap, which are integrated with take-away apps such as Deliveroo and Hey You. Some valuable advice was to keep the visibility up and keep talking about it with the regular customers.

“B = MAT or Behaviour change = Motivation + Ability + Trigger.” – this is the formula to success that Alice Howard-Vyse shared. So if you want to bring your customers along on a behaviour change journey, show them the reason why (to protect our beaches and bushland), make it easy (with a ‘swap and go’ system) and have signs and visual cues such as cups and containers on the counter as talking points to trigger the action.

Hear more about these systems and tips from Phil and Alice in this excerpt:

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