Public Officer

The Public Officer is not a Public Notary, Notary Public or Justice of the Peace.

The functions of the Public Officer are outlined in the Local Government Act 1993 and relate to requests from the public concerning council’s affairs.

To make an appointment to see the Northern Beaches Council Public Officer contact us.

Public Notary

Public Notary (also called Notary Public) is a solicitor or barrister who has been appointed as a Public Notary in NSW by the Legal Profession Admission Board.

Council does not offer the services of a Public Notary.

If you require the services of a Notary Public or Public Notary please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website or NotaryNSW to find a local service provider.

Certification of Proof of Life Documents

The Department of Human Services can help you claim a pension from another country while you live in Australia.

For certification of proof of life forms please visit your local Centrelink office or call the International Services Line on 131 673.