Council offers the following types for Pre-Lodgement Services to assist you prior to the lodgement of your Development Application

Written Advice Only on simple matters or single planning issue OR Written Advice with a short meeting (does not involve advice from Internal Referrals)

These options are suitable for Class 1 residential proposals, such as a new dwelling, alterations and additions to a dwelling, garage, carport, secondary dwelling/granny flat, fence, or swimming pool, involving a variation to a planning control (e.g. building height, floor space ratio, setbacks, landscaped area or side boundary envelopes) and minor commercial proposals such as a change of use of a premises and signage. 

This option is suitable for planning advice only.  Council will provide a brief set of Notes containing the written advice within 10 business days from the date the application is accepted.

Where required to explain the proposal, the applicant is to apply for the option including a short meeting with staff, plus the written advice (see listed options below).


Formal Pre-Lodgement Meetings, including advice from Internal Referrals

Pre-Lodgement Meetings are more suitable for larger development proposals such as more complex Class 1 residential (dwelling houses) on difficult or constrained sites or small scale commercial and industrial proposals. They provide the applicant with an opportunity to present and discuss their proposal and obtain preliminary advice on their development proposal prior to the lodgement of a Development Application. 

Meetings are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are held via Microsoft Teams. Meetings are held approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of receipt of the application and detailed written Notes will be sent to the applicant within 14 days (Class 1) or 21 days (Class 2-9) from the date of the meeting. 

Complex applications - Formal Pre-Lodgement and Design & Sustainability Advisory Panel Meetings

For any development involving SEPP 65 applications (residential flat buildings), other residential development such as multi-unit housing, boarding houses, seniors living houses, as well as large commercial and industrial applications, Council provides an opportunity to gain feedback from independent experts on design, sustainability and landscaping to assisting in preparing your application.  This service also includes a second meeting (as described above) with staff to gain advice on other planning, environmental and other considerations required for your application.  

For more information on the Design & Sustainability Advisory Panel, please visit the webpage.

Lodging an Application

  1. Complete the application form, attach relevant documentation (see Lodgement Requirements below).
  2. Pay the relevant application fee based on the estimated cost of the proposal.
  3. Lodge the application form via email to

Lodgement Requirements 

To assist in the preparation and review of your proposal and to prevent delays with the processing of your application, please ensure the following documents are provided in PDF format:

  • Completed application form including payment on page 3 (see page 2 for fees)

  • Legal Property Description (i.e. Lot and DP/SP number)

  • 1 electronic copy of plans (1 PDF document labelled 'Plans - Master Set')

  • Supporting documents/reports to be discussed at the meeting (seperate PDF documents clearly labelled)


If you are unsure whether a pre-lodgement meeting is appropriate for your proposal, contact our Planning Enquiry Officers on 1300 434 434 to provide advice at no cost.


Written Advice on simple matters  or a single planning issue fees 2020/2021

Written planning advice only on a simple matter or single planning issue$270
Written planning advice and meeting on a simple matter or planning issue$360

Pre-lodgement meeting fees 2020/2021

Estimated CostFee
Development with estimated cost up to $500,000$840
Development with estimated cost between $500,001-$2,000,000$1,110
Development with estimated cost between $2,000,001-$5,000,000 or subdivision up to 5 lots$1,390
Development with estimated cost between $5,000,001- 20,000,000 or subdivision between 6 - 20 lots$1,660
Development with estimated cost of more than $20,000,001 or subdivision more than 20 lots$2,210
Development required to be reviewed by Design and Sustainability Advisory Panel which include a Pre-lodgement meeting with staff$3,000