Pre-lodgement Services (Pre-DA)

Council offers the following types of Pre-lodgement Services to assist you prior to the lodgement of your Development Application.

  • Written Advice only
  • Written Advice plus a short meeting
  • Pre-lodgement meeting
  • Design and Sustainability Advisory Panel Meeting & Pre-lodgement meeting
  • Stormwater and/or vehicular access pre-lodgement meeting

Note: Applications for Class 1 + 10 buildings (eg: dwelling houses) under $1million are discouraged. When you lodge a DA with us, you will be given the opportunity to amend your plans or provide additional information to work through any issues during the DA process.

Written Advice Only OR Written Advice with a Short Meeting 

These options do not involve advice from other Council departments.

These options are suitable for residential and minor commercial proposals where Council’s written advice on a single issue is being sought. If you only need to provide documents and/or plans then the Written Advice Only is the best option.
If a short meeting is required for you to give further explanation on the single planning issue, then the Written Advice plus Meeting is best. The meeting will be a maximum of 20mins and is only to cover the single issue.

Examples of a single issue include:

  • A new dwelling with a breach of the height limit or the floor space ratio (and no other non-compliances, stormwater or engineering issues)
  • Alterations and additions to a dwelling that results in a landscaped area non-compliance
  • A garage or carport forward of the front building line or; is a particular use (eg: gym, take away food shop, entertainment facility) permitted on a particular site.

Importantly, should you need advice that also involves a development engineer, stormwater engineer, flooding engineer, landscape officer, biodiversity officer or a heritage expert, the appropriate application is a Pre-lodgement Meeting and not Written Advice Only.
Council will provide a brief set of notes containing the Written Advice within 10 business days from the date the application is accepted.


Pre-Lodgement Meeting

These options can involve advice from other Council departments.

Pre-Lodgement Meetings are more suitable for large and/or complex development proposals such as residential flat buildings, seniors housing, boarding houses or more complex single dwellings on difficult or constrained sites. 
A Pre-Lodgement meeting provides the applicant with an opportunity to present and discuss their proposal and obtain Council’s advice prior to the lodgement of a Development Application. This is particularly useful for proposals involving multiple non-compliances with the planning controls and/or development on constrained sites (steepness, narrowness, flooding, trees, watercourses, wave impacts, rock outcrops, stormwater and heritage).

Meetings are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays only and are held via Microsoft Teams. Meetings are held approximately 3-5 weeks from the date of receipt of the application and detailed written Notes will be sent to the applicant within 14 days (Class 1) or 21 days (Class 2-9) from the date of the meeting. 

Pre-Lodgement Notes are confidential until such time that a DA is lodged, and then the Notes will be released online.

Design & Sustainability Advisory Panel (DSAP) and Pre-Lodgement Meeting

The DSAP panel reviews all SEPP 65 developments, shop-top housing, multi-unit housing, boarding houses, seniors housing, as well as large commercial and industrial applications.
When applying for a Pre-Lodgement meeting for one of these types of developments, you will also need to apply for a DSAP & Pre-Lodgement meeting.

During the DSAP meeting the applicant will be provided with advice on architecture/urban design, landscape and sustainability issues only.
At the follow up Pre-Lodgement meeting, all remaining issues, including heritage, traffic, engineering, flooding, ecological, waste, etc, as well as planning feedback for any amendments made after the DSAP meeting, will be discussed.

For more information on the Design & Sustainability Advisory Panel, please visit the webpage.

Stormwater and/or vehicular access pre-lodgement meeting

This type of Pre-lodgement meeting is run by Council’s Development Engineers and is for stormwater and vehicular access issues only. Council Planners will not be involved, so if you would like to discuss planning matters as well as stormwater or vehicular access issues, the standard Pre-lodgement meeting is the best option.

View the Stormwater pre-lodgement meeting application - Form #4029


Lodging an Application

1. Complete the online application form.

2. Once Council has formally reviewed your application, you will required to pay the relevant application fee based on the estimated cost of the proposal.

3. Any enquiries please email


Lodgement Requirements 

To assist in the preparation of lodging an online application for a Pre-Lodgement Meeting, please ensure the following documents are provided in PDF format:

  • 1 electronic copy of plans (1 PDF document labelled 'Plans - Master Set')

  • Report detailing the 'Summary of Proposed Works'

  • Regarding the Written Advice Service, please ensure a detailed report is submitted outlining the 'singular issue' to be discussed.

  • Additionally any supporting documents/reports to be discussed at the meeting (separate PDF documents clearly labelled)


If you are unsure whether a Pre-Lodgement Meeting is appropriate for your proposal, contact our Planning Enquiry Officers on 1300 434 434 to provide advice at no cost.


Written Advice on simple matters or a single planning issue

Written planning advice only on a simple matter or single planning issue$280
Written planning advice and meeting on a simple matter or planning issue$375

Pre-Lodgement Meeting fees

Estimated CostFee
Development with estimated cost up to $500,000$865
Development with estimated cost between $500,001-$2,000,000$1,145
Development with estimated cost between $2,000,001-$5,000,000 or subdivision up to 5 lots$1,430
Development with estimated cost between $5,000,001- 20,000,000 or subdivision between 6 - 20 lots$1,710
Development with estimated cost of more than $20,000,001 or subdivision more than 20 lots$2,275
Development required to be reviewed by Design and Sustainability Advisory Panel which include a Pre-lodgement meeting with staff$3,084