We encourage you to attend a DA pre-lodgement meeting for large-scale or complex development proposals or to clarify queries you may have about your development application.

You can meet with relevant Council officers (planner and referral bodies) to discuss your proposal and receive feedback on initial design concepts and technical requirements from Council.

Benefits of a pre-lodgement meeting

A pre-lodgement meeting is beneficial as Council officers can give an indication of whether your proposal could be supported or not. We can also give you early advice on your proposal and confirm documentation required for lodgement. Pre-lodgement meetings also offer the opportunity to seek professional advice from other Council departments.

It is important to note that pre-lodgement advice provided by Council is based on information provided by the applicant.  The more information you provide, the better the advice Council can offer.

Lodging an application

  1. Complete the application form, attach relevant documentation (see Lodgement Requirements below).
  2. Pay the relevant application fee based on the estimated cost of the proposal.
  3. Lodge the application form via email to

Lodgement Requirements 

To prevent delays with the processing of your application, please ensure the following is provided in PDF format.

  • Completed application form including payment on page 3 (see page 2 for fees)

  • Legal Property Description (i.e. Lot and DP/SP number)

  • 1 electronic copy of plans (1 PDF document labelled 'Plans - Master Set')

  • Supporting documents/reports to be discussed at the meeting (seperate PDF documents clearly labelled)


If you are unsure whether a pre-lodgement meeting is appropriate for your proposal, contact our Planning Enquiry Officers on 1300 434 434 to provide advice at no cost.

Pre-lodgement meeting fees 2020/2021

Estimated CostFee
Development with estimated cost up to $500,000$810
Development with estimated cost between $500,001-$2,000,000$1,080
Development with estimated cost between $2,000,001-$5,000,000 or subdivision up to 5 lots$1,350
Development with estimated cost between $5,000,001- 20,000,000 or subdivision between 6 - 20 lots$1,610
Development with estimated cost of more than $20,000,001 or subdivision more than 20 lots$2,150

Meeting details

Location and days

Due to COVID-19 Pre-lodgement meetings are currently being held on Tuesdays and Thursday remotely via Microsoft Teams. Meetings are held with a planner, manager and any relevant referral bodies.

How long will it take to receive a meeting date?

Once your application has been lodged, you will receive an email confirming the date of your meeting. The meeting will then be held within 4-5 weeks of receipt of your application.

What to expect after the meeting?

Following the pre-lodgement meeting, Council will provide written advice to the applicant. Written advice may take up to 21 days to be provided, depending on the complexity of the development proposal.

Written advice will generally include:

  • If Council could support the proposal in its current form, or not
  • Answers to specific questions or concerns of the applicant outlined in the application form or raised at the meeting
  • Comments from relevant internal referral bodies, for example stormwater, waste, landscape, biodiversity, traffic
  • Recommendations for design changes, if necessary, to minimise impacts of the development and assist the applicant to proceed to lodgement
  • A list of relevant documentation required for lodgement