A weed is any plant requiring intervention to reduce its effect on our environment, economy, human health and amenity. They compete with and often outperform our native plants causing a devastating effect on our natural bushland, reducing food sources and habitats critical to the survival of our native wildlife. Council is committed to reducing the negative impacts weeds pose to our community.  Please report weeds in our parks and reserves to us for investigation. 

Which Weeds Grow on the Northern Beaches

Visit the NSW Department of Primary Industry website for details of the most common weeds that are prevalent on the Northern Beaches and how best to manage them to reduce their spread. 

Tips for Weed Control

As a general rule, any weed should be controlled before flowering so seeds cannot develop. Any part of the plant capable of reproducing, such as tubers, rhizomes, seeds and berries should be placed in a bag and removed off site or carefully placed in Council’s green waste bin. Plant debris can also be composted on site. Contact Council’s Weeds Officer on 1300 434 434 for more information. 

Responsibility for Weed Control

Weeds, and the risk they pose to agriculture, industry, the environment and human health cannot be managed effectively unless we all share responsibility. Council uses the Biosecurity Act 2015 and local management plans to determine priority species and may require you to take action to remove them from your property. Find out more about weed removal.