Northern Beaches Council is managing our tree canopy now and into the future.

Having initiated a proactive street tree maintenance program, Council’s tree services contractor will be working through each ward to carry out tree maintenance.

The tree maintenance carried out in your area will include:

  • Removal of any deadwood over 40mm in size
  • Height clearances over footways
  • Height clearances over roads
  • Removal of any identified dangerous branches
  • Removal of identified dead trees

Where trees have good form and shape and do not affect pedestrian access or do not pose a risk to roadways, they will not be trimmed.

Where trees from private property obstruct the public walkway, the contractor will notify Council so the owner of the property can be contacted.

Proposed Tree Maintenance Program

Frenchs Forest Ward from April to June 2020


  • Beacon Hill
  • Frenchs Forest


  • Belrose
  • Davidson


  • Forestville
  • Killarney Heights

Tree Planting

During Council's pro-active tree maintenance program we audit each street to see where there are planting opportunities.This information is used to schedule planting in your area.

When we schedule any planting, we drop a leaflet in your letterbox to let you know planting is planned in your street.

Alternatively, if you would like to request for a tree to be planted outside your property you can register your request with Council's customer service area.  If successful, planting of this tree will be scheduled during the next available planting program.

Where we plant a tree, we appreciate your help looking after the tree by watering it once per week or twice per week in summer, especially when the tree is young.