Greywater is re-usable wastewater from washing machines, showers, baths and basins. It's estimated that up to half of household water used could be recycled as greywater, potentially saving hundreds of litres of water per day.

The use of greywater is regulated because of the potential for it to spread disease around your home and elsewhere. Infection can occur if untreated greywater is stored and animals or children come into contact with it.

A simple way to re-use greywater at home is to collect water in a bucket from your washing machine or shower and use it to water your garden. You don't need permission to do this from Council, but we recommend you don’t store the collected greywater for more than one day.

Greywater treatment

A greywater treatment system collects, stores and treats greywater for re-use. By installing a greywater system in your household, you could significantly reduce your water bill and reduce your water footprint.

If you wish to install a greywater system, you will need to follow the NSW guidelines for greywater re-use and submit a Council application form to install a system of on-site sewage management.

You can find more information about greywater re-use on the Sydney Water website, and to find an accredited greywater treatment system supplier, head to NSW Health.