Coastal Zone Management Plans (CZMPs) provide sustainable plans for all our coastal areas. They’re especially relevant in areas at risk such as Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach. They develop strategies for the use of resources, including landscape master plans for reserves. The end result is our natural environment is nurtured and protected for the benefit of future generations.

Coastal Management Plan considerations

Balancing the implications of CZMPs against other planning policies and projects is key. The beauty, ecological value and amenity of our coastlines must be preserved. So a number of elements such as community needs, climate change, and developmental risks are evaluated. Cost to benefit analysis of development is also factored into our planning.

The Big Picture

Northern Beaches Council has the responsibility for championing, facilitating and overseeing the implementation of CZMPs.  However, we continually work with a variety of stakeholders including the community, local business and government agencies. It’s important that CZMPs are integrated with the needs and regulations of all relevant agencies.