One of the most significant natural assets of the Northern Beaches, Pittwater waterway is the centerpiece of recreation, tourism and local business. It’s also an important environmental asset. Under pressure from competing demands, the ongoing challenge is sustainable management that includes all environmental, social and economic factors.

Environmental Sensitivities

The Pittwater waterway is a beautiful and distinctive feature of our region’s identity. Within the waterway are a number of valuable estuarine habitats including mangroves, coastal saltmarshes, intertidal mud flats, beaches and rocky shorelines. Pittwater also has great significance to the traditional Aboriginal owners and custodians of this land.

Coastal Saltmarsh

Coastal Saltmarsh provides habitat for many species including commercial fish and the endangered Bush Stone-Curlew.  Coastal Saltmarsh is found at Winnererremy Bay, Careel Bay, Refuge Cove, Saltpan Cove and Winji Jimmi.  With its high environmental importance and threats to its long term survival, Coastal Saltmarsh is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community.

Challenges for Council

We’re committed to investigating all issues impacting the waterway. This way we hope to find potential opportunities to address and balance the array of competing interests. The initial review outcome is a discussion paper, further informing and engaging the community on the issues and challenges the waterway faces now and into the future.

Pittwater Waterway Review

Community feedback on the discussion paper is being incorporated in the creation of the draft Pittwater Waterway Strategy. Following its completion, we’ll exhibit the Pittwater Waterway Strategy draft for further community feedback. For more information call the Strategic Planning Team on 1300434 434.