Tuesday, 26 March 2024

Our ever-changing environment and the impact we have on it continually leads news headlines. So, what can inspire and challenge us to live more sustainably? 

We sat down with leading Australian fashion designer Genevieve Smart, who joins the power panel of judges for our fourth annual Environmental Art & Design Prize, to help answer this.

Smart says artists and designers play a vital role in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future through their creativity and vision.

“Artists can inspire action by creating visually compelling pieces that motivate individuals and communities to address environmental issues through conservation efforts, lifestyle changes, or political advocacy,” said Smart.

“Additionally, designers can incorporate sustainable principles into their work, developing sustainable products, and innovative solutions to reduce waste.”

The co-founder and creative director of GINGER & SMART says she recognised the impact the fashion industry has on the planet and changed her approach to fashion design 20 years ago.

“I pivoted my design approach towards sustainability, integrating eco-conscious materials, reducing waste, and prioritizing longevity in my creations,” said Smart.

“Designing with a focus on planetary wellbeing has profoundly reshaped my practice, permeating every facet of my work as a fashion designer.”

Smart will select the Environmental Art & Design Prize finalists across three categories alongside industrial designer Trent Jansen and visual artist Khaled Sabsabi.

The prize is open for submissions from artists and designers from across Australia until 19 May 2024. 

This year’s prize money has increased, with the visual arts and design winners each receiving an impressive $20,000. The young artists/designers and people’s choice categories are $3,000 each. 

Find out more about the prize, our judging panel and our sponsors Colormaker Industries, Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises and Seadrift Distillery on our website.