Please complete this form to express your interest in closing a road (or portion of a road) for a "Meet Your Neighbour Party".

If you have any questions please call the Community Development Team on 1300 434 434 or email


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Proposed event details
  • Exclusion dates apply - cannot be held during school holidays, public holidays and the Easter holiday weekend.
  • Maximum 4 hour duration
  • Must occur during daylight hours (up to 8pm in Summer)
Road closure
Events that involve road closures on a bus route or a main arterial road may not be approved.
Please indicate any activities planned


  • Each street is limited to one event per year & limitations apply to the number of events held per weekend.
  • Street parties must be limited to residents of the street with no more than 100 people for the duration of the event.
  • Fines may be incurred if the Street party organiser extends the duration of the event or exceeds the maximum numbers permitted.
  • The organiser will be required to attend a volunteer induction prior to the event.