Council is committed to protecting Aboriginal sacred sites and special places within the landscape.

What is Aboriginal Heritage?

Places, objects and archaeology. There are hundreds of sites protected by Council, including middens, rock carvings, camp sites, rock shelters and art. Some Northern Beaches sites are older than the pyramids. Aboriginal history resonates in our place names. Captain Arthur Phillip named Manly Cove after the manly behaviour of the Aboriginal men he met there in 1788. The name Warringah is Aboriginal in origin.

Aboriginal Heritage Office

Council supports the Aboriginal Heritage Office which works towards the conservation of over 1000 indigenous cultural sites across Northern Sydney. It plays an important role in education and awareness of the area’s significant Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Aboriginal Education, Walks and Talks

Book a free Aboriginal heritage presentation for your school through the Aboriginal Heritage Office. There are walks and talks for the community and an opportunity to help preserve Aboriginal sites through the Volunteer program.