Local charities and not for profit community organisations do amazing work in our community, and Council wants to support you.

On 24 August, Council adopted the Financial Assistance for Charitable and Not for Profit Community Organisations for Waste Disposal at Kimbriki Policy.

Council will now reimburse the waste charges paid at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre to eligible registered charitable organisations or not for profit community organisations.


1. Ensure you hold a Community Service Exemption

  • Apply for a Community Service Exemption issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under Clause 21 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014, which is valid on the date of disposal. This exemption means Kimbriki does not have to charge the NSW tax on landfill, so that we can support more organisations.
  • Email your EPA exemption notification to along with your contact details at least one working day before your first visit to Kimbriki (you only have to do this once). If you wish to limit access to certain vehicles, please include their registration numbers in your email.

2. Send bank details to Council

3. Dispose of your waste at Kimbriki

  • Show your Community Service Exemption to the weighbridge attendant. Follow the directions of staff.
  • Pay the gate fees for tipping - make sure you keep your receipt.

4. Request reimbursement from Council

Email the following to

  • A letter (on your organisation’s letterhead) requesting the reimbursement of the paid tip fees, plus a statement that disposed material came from the Northern Beaches LGA
  • A copy of your EPA Waste Levy Exemption
  • A copy of your receipt from Kimbriki for the waste disposal.

5. Reimbursement

  • Approved fee reimbursements will be transferred directly into your organisation’s nominated bank account. This may take up to two weeks.

Guidelines for disposal of waste at Kimbriki

Waste or material must have been collected from within the Northern Beaches Council Local Government Area and no putrescible material (eg food waste) is allowed.

The following material should be separated from general waste and disposed at the appropriate recycling areas at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre:
- concrete and bricks
- paper and cardboard
- recyclable bottles and cans etc
- vegetation

More information

For any enquires please call Council on 1300 434 434