Take a look at the amazing activations that you can enjoy at Taste of Manly!


The Porsche Centre Willoughby Lounge is an indulgent oasis nestled in the heart of the festival, where The Corso meets the sands of Manly Beach. Here you will escape the bustling crowds and take in the atmosphere at your own pace. Inside you will discover the latest Porsche models, competitions and more. Sink into the fine leather seats, wrap your hands around the steering wheel and imagine having your very own Porsche.

Better yet, speak with the Porsche Centre Willoughby team to enter the Porsche Track Experience competition during the event, which could see you behind the wheel of a Porsche on the racetrack.

With ample seating and even massages to help you relax and unwind, the Porsche Centre Willoughby Lounge will indulge you in an experience befitting the Porsche marque, and is a must for those looking to enjoy Taste of Manly to its fullest.

Sustainability Hub


The Sustainability Hub is comprised of local community groups and not for profits aiming to spread the word about reducing food waste, sustainable sourcing and plastic free solutions.

Come and learn how to make bees wax wraps, source local fruit and veg, collect your free pollinating plant and take the sustainability hub quiz for your chance to win a chicken coop.

Brand Activations


Ben & Jerry's

As an aspiring social justice company, Ben & Jerry’s believes in a greater calling than simply making a profit for selling its goods. They produce a wide variety of super-premium ice cream, light ice cream and sorbet. They use entirely non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients by source as well as to fully source Fairtrade-certified ingredients wherever possible, which benefits farmers in developing countries. Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy flavour creations are made with almonds & so boldly loaded with chunks & swirls that you’ll get Ben & Jerry’s euphoria in every bite.


HelloFresh is a healthy meal delivery service that provides new recipes and fresh seasonal ingredients right to your door.



King Island Dairy

Immerse yourself in a King Island experience as you wander through the replica build of King Island Dairy’s cheese cellar door. Meet the team, discover their rich heritage in dairy, taste the award winning range of cheeses, and purchase some of their most popular products to take home from their range of soft white, blue vein, washed rind and cheddar cheese.


Tamar Valley

The rolling hills of Tasmania’s pristine Tamar Valley is the perfect place to create delicious Gourmet and Greek Style yoghurts. Sample the delicious, natural and pure taste of yoghurts and recipes made from fresh milk from Tasmania - Greek Yoghurt Tzatziki Dip, Vanilla Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit with Natural Yoghurt and the No Added Sugar Passionfruit.