Terms and Conditions

Northern Beaches Council aims to provide a safe environment for members of the community during its events. It also aims to provide events that follow Council's Event Waste Minimisation Guidelines for the benefit of the environment.

By submitting your application you are also agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of the event.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions form part of your agreement with Northern Beaches Council.

To celebrate Youth Week, the market on 3 December 2022 has special conditions to encourage Youth Stallholders aged 12-24 to participate. Please see section 6 below.


* Sellers must book and pay for a stall space. 
* Northern Beaches Council reserves the right to cancel your registration if your items for sale do not meet our mission.
* This event is outdoors, please dress accordingly.  There is no shade so you will need a hat and suntan lotion.
* You must conduct your stall in line with Council's Event Waste Minimisation Guidelines 
* The sale and giveaways of balloons are prohibited at council managed events.


* Stall positions are allocated at the discretion of Council staff.
* Northern Beaches Council reserves the right to refuse any stall application and to terminate a stallholder’s participation at any time.
* All spaces will be 3 x 2m in area and you can bring of a blanket, suitcase, small table, low clothes rack or container to display your items. 
* This is an open air event, no marques or umbrellas
* You can bring a seat for your comfort.
* You may use a trolley while setting up.  The trolley needs to be removed by 9am.
* Stallholder vehicles are not permitted to access Walter Gors Park.


* Stallholder bookings are only open to Northern Beaches residents. Businesses and Commercial traders are not the focus of this household event
* Recommended stall holders wear a mask to be covid-safe
* Items being sold need to be second hand except for the odd item that was never used.
* Electrical items can only be sold if the item has been tested by an electrician and displays current Australian Standard tagging
* Stallholders must trade until 1pm and must have vacated the event site by 1.30pm.
* All stallholders are responsible for cleaning up rubbish generated by the stall and making good any area they use for trading, including its vicinity. Even better; Take 3 extra pieces of litter when you leave!
* This event is focusing on keeping waste out of landfill so any unsold goods and other rubbish from your stall is to be taken home with you and appropriately disposed or re-used/recycled where possible.
* The event is a waste wise event so please only bring reusable bags or containers
* Electricity power is not available at this event.
* Stallholders are not permitted to operate generators at the event.
* There is on-street parking and parking in front of Dee Why Library.


* In the event of a major weather event or electrical storm, Council may declare the event to be cancelled.
* If the event is cancelled, you will be notified via the email address you provided on booking by 7.30am on the day of the event.
* If you have booked a stallholder site and do not arrive at the event your ticket cost will be forfeited.
* No refunds will be provided to any stallholder who cancels after purchasing a ticket.


* Stallholders are responsible for their property. Appropriate and current insurance should be held by stallholders to safe guard against any possible instance of theft, malicious damage or accidental damage to any property.
* Northern Beaches Council is not responsible nor will be liable for any such incident.
* Not-for-Profit organisations are covered under Northern Beaches Council Public Liability Insurance. 


As a special offer to celebrate Youth Week, these special conditions apply to Youth Stallholders aged 12-24.

* Youth stallholders must book and pay for a stall space.
* The stallholder fee (minus booking fee) will be refunded after you check-in to your designated market space (processed within 7 days). Proof of age may be required on the day.
* Youth stallholders may also sell creative made and handmade items.


* Regular stallholders - please contact Waste Education 8495 6219 or wasteeducation@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au
* Youth stallholders - please contact Council's Youth Team on 8495 5428 or youth@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au