Stallholder Listing

Take a look at the fabulous array of stallholders offering handmade items especially for Creative Made Makers Market.


Kurly Wurly Bar

Kurly Wurly Bar is where great designs are on tap, for blokes who want to make a splash! Created by me, Michael Kovacs, a life-long illustrator who loves to draw all the things I love about Australia; galahs, surfer dudes, brush turkeys, Chiko Rolls and sea gulls. I’ve created a range of fashion items and accessories for fellas looking for some colour including party shirts, shorts, beach towels, stubby holders and socks.


Live Simply Ceramics

I design and produce all my own products. I also work on creating my own glazes and colour pigments from elements found in nature locally. All items are fired in my studio at Manly Vale.


Surf Sock and re-Sail

Surf Sock and re-Sail provide a range of sustainable gifts all made from sail offcuts heading for landfill. The sail waste is collected from three suppliers on the Northern Beaches and cut and sewn in Brookvale. Products range from Surf Socks that replace the need to use a plastic bag to help you slide into your wetsuit to a range of pouches, backpacks, and document folios. All super strong, super light, super tough and 100% recycled. Ethically sourced and handmade in Australia.


Toby Eagle Jewellery

I handcraft and custom designed each piece of Toby Eagle jewellery primarily from reclaimed sterling silver, gold and other high quality materials because of the hands on nature and traditional processes used this means that each piece is uniquely different. I make both women’s and men’s jewellery and draw inspiration from the organic forms found on the coastline of the Northern Beaches.


Maimai Glass

I use various techniques for glass art including glassblowing and flame working.

One of the main features of my glass art is that glass changes colours by absorbing or reflecting lights, especially jewellery made of silver glass, which shows more colour changes as if the glass is “alive”. My artwork is inspired by nature that she comes across in her daily life such as flowers in a park or sea animals


Waters Edge Sea Glass

I work with sea glass collected from local beaches to create unique, environmentally friendly jewellery. Sea glass comes from shards of discarded bottles that have been conditioned and weathered from years of tumbling in the sea and sand. Some pieces glass can be over 200 years old, each individual piece having its own history and beauty.


Karen Mazonas

I take my inspiration from nature’s beauty, all my work is original. From the initial concept, I hand draw then carve onto linoleum. I then hand baron print my work using archival inks and papers.


Pod and Pod

I paint the original work on canvas in a style using a handmade stencil. The work is focused on Australian botanicals and local Northern Beaches coastal scenes. The archival prints are printed in Brookvale and cards are printed in Sydney. The cushions are a new product which are hand printed in my studio in Newport.


Becky Williams Textiles

All cloth is prepared using a variety of shibori techniques, to create different patterns the fabric is folded, twisted, and bound using thread, clamps & resist shapes. The prepared fabric is dyed in the indigo vat for various lengths of time to develop different depths of indigo blue. Next every item is hand washed repeatedly to remove all the dye, and left to soak in fabric conditioner to soften. Finally the cloth hung out to dry before being ironed & ready to sell. The small felt vessels are wet 3D hand felted and embellished with embroidery stitch details.


Silver Plus

Silver Plus is a collective of 15 makers. Each piece is designed and made by our members from scratch, and is usually a 'one-off'. With 15 makers there is a huge variety in the styles and forms for display, with each maker bringing different backgrounds and skills to their work.


Lene Lunde

I do every step of my ceramic production in my own studio in Avalon. I design, make, fire and glaze my own ceramic works.


Seamless Artisan

I design and hand make all my own products. The goods are made using high quality furnishing fabrics sourced from all over the globe. I have recently come back from a trip to France (after an absence of 36 years!), and managed to purchase some gorgeous textiles from Mayenne, Pays De La Loire.


Billy Peg & Tom

I design and create everything I make. Crochet items such as: coasters, washcloths, tea cosy, bookmarks cards, dreamcatchers, floral bouquets.


The Sugar Pusher

I make natural beeswax based body care products; mostly handmade soaps; also barefoot balm, lip balm, shower scrub.



I personally source quality leather lounges heading for landfill, collect them from across Sydney, remove the leather ready for cleaning, nourishing and dyeing. I design, cut out, and hand sew in my home studio in Forestville.


Cameron Ingle

My art is inspired by the ocean and made for the ocean. I designed each vase on CAD software and 3D printed them with fully recycled filament. This plastic came all the way from the Netherlands, and is derived from recycled PET bottles and PLA packaging, making use of wasted plastic and turning it into something functional and beautiful. The plastic water bottles are collected, washed, shredded, melted down into pellets and converted into filament, which can be used for printing. 3D printing is a great medium to create both functional and aesthetic models whilst giving wasted plastic bottles new purpose. I have an ocean series based on waves and corals.


Boho Fox

I design and make my own patterns and hand cut garments and other items choosing beautiful natural cotton and linen Everything is made as sustainably as possible with no use of plastic All buttons and zips are either cotton metal or recycled Only paper bags and paper recycled if obtainable All excess fabric used or recycled Working on the Northern Beaches.


Clay Nerd

I make all the ceramics by hand in my studio in Manly.                                                               


Simply D School of Clay and Creativity

All work is wheel thrown or hand made at our studio in Brookvale by Donna Hill and her experienced students. Glazing and firing is also done at the studio. Candles are hand poured into ceramic vessels.


Sylvia Nelly Handmade

Since the early 2000's, coffee pods have steadily taken the world by storm, we began to realise this new addiction was doing more damage than good to our planet. Up-cycling, the process of transforming useless, unwanted waste products into something new. What an opportunity is to turn some unwanted coffee pods into something useful and beautiful.


Jans Eclectiques

My tote bags are usually made with a mixture of fabric, leather, linen and recycled coffee bean hessian bags, I like to combine the hessian sack with a fabric that complements the 'printing' on the sack with some sturdy and exotic fabric. My bags are lined with cotton.


Coral Sky Jewellery

My main product range is earrings made with soutache embroidery technique. Pieces of soutache jewellery are eye catching, elegant and unique on Australian market. The second type of product is based on combining high quality seed beads with crocheting.


We are Tram

I am a professional graphic designer and I create all of the designs myself, using a combination of photographs, digital illustration techniques and hand-painted textures. I come up with the concept, create the artwork and then use a small local family-run printer to print my designs onto wood and paper.

My products use 100% recycled paper, vegetable based inks, and sustainable Australian grown and pressed hoop pine. All of my packaging is recyclable and compostable.


Grahame McKenzie

Most of the timber is sourced from our own farm and in the main is salvaged timber. I do not cut down living trees to source my material. All pieces are carved by me at either our farm or in Newport. I prefer to sculpt free hand. All the finishing is done by me and mostly by hand, I prefer to use a waxed finish.


Glyn Condon Ceramics

I enjoy boating along our coast and encounter a wide variety of marine creatures, which inspire my work. I use porcelain because it provides a high quality and functional blank canvas for designs and colour. My pieces are fired in a gas kiln to 1280 degrees centigrade, which makes them durable, and dishwasher safe.


Kind of Joy

My products include; macramé plant hangers, hand painted pot, plants, wall hangings, macramé mirrors, macramé vases and handmade macrame Christmas decorations. I design and make all products. They are all unique designs, handmade with love.


Joanna Greenwood Illustration

I create artworks by hand, mainly focussing on pencil, ink, charcoal and pastel. I love portraying items that are well loved by their owner, and say something about them or their personality. It is great fun trying to incorporate the movement or purpose of the item within the artwork also. Print versions of the artworks are available on raw edge, handmade paper to compliment the energy in the artworks.


Daintree Designs

I am the designer and creator of all my Daintree Design products. I source the boards, canisters and cabochon pendant trays which I use as the base of my creations. Some of my products have a display of pattern and design which has been created by me which allows uniqueness amongst my product range.


Loobylou Candles

From start of concept, to sourcing, designing of fragrances through to making and packaging of product, all aspects of Loobylou come together here in the Northern Beaches, made by my own hands!


Ink Hunter Art

Hand screen printed shirts made in the Northern Beaches by local street artist.          


Wander Lightly

All of my products are designed & handmade by me Everything created has been made mindfully with waste & packaging carefully considered. All if the packaging is home compostable, recyclable or reusable.


Glass Art Karina

I design and hand make every glass piece so all my artwork is one of kind. No two pieces are the same. I cut, crush the glass and mainly use recycled glass. I fuse, slump the glass in my kiln, after the firing process, the glass is polished, and cold fused. My designs are fresh and contemporary reflecting the joy of living on the Northern Beaches. My jewellery is considered wearable art.


Jules Lawson

I draw and paint all the artwork printed on to the tea towels, cards and labels.

The artwork is digitally printed onto premium Indian cotton tea towels and cushions made from the tea towels.