Stapleton Park is 6ha of remnant bushland reserve located in the suburb of Avalon on the ridge and slopes of Riviera Avenue.


The vegetation community in the reserve consists of Pittwater/Wagestaffe Spotted Gum Forest moist and dry, Sydney Sandstone Dry Forest and Littoral Rainforest in south east corner. Dominant canopy species include Eucalyptus maculata, Angophora costata and Eucalyptus piperita. Within the south facing sheltered gully's, the understorey is characterised by medium to high densities of rainforest dominated by Allocasuarina torulosa and Acmena smithii with ground layers of False Bracken Fern and Rasp Fern.


The reserve provides important habitat for local native fauna. Sandstone outcrops providing shelter for frog and reptile species and the wide variety of flower plants providing a continual source of food for mammals, birds and insects. Fauna found in the reserve includes; Long-nosed Bandicoots, Possums, Gliders, Bats and Owls. 


Riviera Ave
Avalon NSW 2107
Map of Stapleton Bushland Reserve