Pindari Reserve is located in the Loquat Valley in Bayview and covers approximately 1.5ha. The reserve features a creekline running from the ridgetop to gully bottom through the centre of the reserve.


The reserve supports Spotted Gum Forest with the dominant canopy species Eucalyptus punctata and Syncarpia glomulifera. Upslope the tall shrub layer and ground layers are dominated by Forest Oak, Allocasurina torulosa, grasses and in the moist gullies, False Bracken. The reserve also contains a Closed-forest community, dominated by Acmena smithii, Alphitonia excelsa and Cissus hypoglauca.


The reserve contains habitat for numerous fauna species. Glossy Black-cockatoos, which feed on the Allocasurina toralosa, regularly frequent the area when the seeds are in abundance. Whip birds can be heard calling from the forest floor and the creek provides important frog, water dragon and snake habitat. The reserve is a mapped wildlife corridor providing linkages to other habitat areas along the escarpment ridge.


Loquat Valley Road
Bayview NSW 2104
Map of Pindari Bushland Reserve