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Claire Foxton
Native treasure, 2021

Created in March 2021 Native treasure is a cheerful celebration of locally found native flora, including Acacia Terminalis (Sunshine Wattle), Syzygium Paniculatum (Magenta Lilly Pilly), Actinotus Helianthi (Flannel Flower) and Banksia Integrifolia (Coastal Banksia).

Artist Claire Foxton used vibrant colours, abstract mark making and shapes to form the basis of the works and was assisted by local artist Eve Bracewell in their creation.

Artist bio

Claire Foxton is an Australian artist and designer whose vivid photo-realistic murals can be found across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. With a distinctive mix of abstract and realistic techniques, Claire’s painted mural works explore a site-specific narrative, often concerned with the connectedness of people and place.

Through considered colour palettes and acute attention to textural details, Claire's work draws the viewer into a consideration of land, story & cultural identity. Abstract representations of surrounding landscapes and environments are explored through gestural mark-making, colour and texture.


Peninsular Car Park

Manly NSW 2095