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Collaroy Beach is a surf beach that adjoins Narrabeen Beach forming a long stretch of coast. The beachfront area contains fun facilities for everyone, including people with mobility issues.

Precinct features

  • Wheelchair accessible picnic settings
  • Ramp onto beach
  • Wider parking spaces near the enclosed children’s playground
  • Accessible toilet (use an MLAK key)
  • Wheelchair-accessible bus on Pittwater Road
  • Beach wheelchair and submersible wheelchair

Playground features

  • Liberty Swing for wheelchair users (use an MLAK key)
  • All-inclusive accessible carousel
  • Spinner
  • 6-seated rocker
  • Large dome climbing net structure
  • Interconnected timber decks
  • Slides
  • Sensory elements - carved sandstone structures and musical elements
  • Interactive water play

Access with MLAK key

Your own MLAK key can open the Liberty Swing and the accessible toilet at any time, or you can borrow one from the lifeguard.

Lifeguards are on duty at Collaroy from 9 am till 5 pm between October and April, and until 6 pm between December and February.

You can find them at the north-east corner of the Collaroy Surf Club building. Call them on 9982 9261 (or 9942 2120 radio room).

Get here by bus... visit Transport NSW for bus information and timetables.

Parking Information

Collaroy has parking available that is free for vehicles displaying a Council parking permit and pay 'n' display is available for those without. The cost for pay and display parking is listed at the meter. Designated disabled car spaces.

Good swimming conditions. Excellent beach for beginner surfers. Good wind surfing in north easterly or south easterly winds.


Pittwater Rd

Collaroy NSW 2097