aerial view of Avalon rockpool

Located at the southern end of Avalon Beach. Change rooms and toilets are available. Access is from the carpark off Barrenjoey Road. Pay and display parking available.

This area provides a playground, public amenities, and a skate bowl as well as a huge array of cafes located in Avalon.

Please note, Avalon rockpool is not available approximately three hours prior to listed cleaning times and approximately 12 hours after, depending upon prevailing seas.

2018 Pool Cleaning Roster

 Closing DateClosing TimeOpening DateOpening Time
JAN5 Fri2.11am5 Fri5pm
 11 Thu8.18pm12 Fri5pm
 19 Fri1.03am19 Fri5pm
 25 Thu6.22pm26 Fri5pm
FEB2 Fri1.05am2 Fri5pm
 8 Thu6.33am9 Fri5pm
 16 Fri12.09am16 Fri5pm
 23 Fri5.45am23 Fri9pm
MAR2 Fri12.03am2 Fri5pm
 9 Fri6.03am9 Fri9pm
 15 Thu11.11pm16 Fri5pm
 23 Fri4.31am23 Fri8pm
 29 Thu11.03pm30 Fri5pm
APR6 Fri3.28am6 Fri7pm
 12 Thu9.01pm13 Fri5pm
 20 Fri2.28am20 Fri6pm
 26 Thu9.00pm27 Fri5pm
MAY4 Fri2.13am4 Fri6pm
 18 Fri1.26am18 Fri5pm
JUN1 Fri1.07am1 Fri5pm
 15 Fri12.22am15 Fri5pm
 29 Fri12.09am29 Fri5pm
JUL12 Thu11.15pm13 Fri5pm
 26 Thu11.09pm27 Fri5pm
AUG9 Thu10.07pm10 Fri5pm
 23 Thu10,05pm24 Fri5pm
SEP6 Thu8.58pm7 Fri5pm
 20 Thu8.52pm21 Fri5pm
 28 Fri12.46am28 Fri5pm
OCT4 Thu7.43pm5 Fri5pm
 12 Fri1.48am12 Fri5pm
 18 Thu8.18pm19 Fri5pm
 26 Fri12.37am26 Fri5pm
NOV2 Fri7.15am2 Fri11pm
 9 Fri12.37am9 Fri5pm
 15 Thu6.24pm16 Fri5pm
 22 Thu11.28pm23 Fri5pm
 29 Thu5.52pm30 Fri5pm
DEC6 Thu11.31pm7 Fri5pm
 14 Fri4.13am14 Fri8pm
 20 Thu10.15pm21 Fri5pm
 28 Fri4.22am28 Fri8pm

Please note published times in the roster are subject to change depending on weather, prevailing seas, tidal flows and other surf conditions. The time taken to fill a pool after cleaning on any given day can vary and is dependent on the weather and surf conditions. A sign will be placed at the pool indicating it is closed during the filling process and will be removed as soon as possible once pool is full. Any specific closures of a pool other than for cleaning will be listed on the website.

Please contact Council on 1300 434 434 should you have any questions regarding the rock pool cleaning rosters.


25m rockpool, toddler pool


change rooms, parking, playground, public toilets


Surfside Ave
Avalon NSW 2107
Map of Avalon Rockpool