Submission conditions

A notice can be placed on the Community noticeboard if:

  • it provides a benefit to the Northern Beaches community
  • is free to participate or access.

Your initiative will not be listed when it:

  • appears only to promote or advertise a business or commercial enterprise
  • could conflict with Council's values, decisions, policies or statutory responsibilities
  • promotes politicians or political parties
  • involves the manufacture, distribution and sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products or alcoholic products
  • are otherwise of a nature that Council determines is likely to affect Council's public image or reputation adversely.

Please note

  • You must have permission of the copyright holder as content published on Council's website is also available via data feeds and may be published in other places.
  • Each submission is assessed according to these guidelines and evaluated in terms of community benefit and Council reserves the right to edit or decline any event.
  • By adding events to the noticeboard, Council is not endorsing the submission, event or the organiser's products.
  • All events are subject to our disclaimer and may be declined without further correspondence.
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