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Seasonal Allocation of a Sportsfield

What is an Allocation?

Each season, local sporting groups are allocated sportsfields for their sporting competitions and training activities. This process books the sportsfields from 4pm on the weekdays and 8am on the weekends for our sporting groups. An Allocation Document is prepared by Council at the start of each season, the allocations are a weekly pattern of use. View the Winter 2024 Allocation Document for this seasons sportsfield allocations. 

Further information on the allocation process, after hours issues, sharing load across a field, noise, seasonal changeover, synthetic sportsgrounds and more; can be viewed on the Northern Beaches Council Seasonal Sports User Manual and Conditions of Use for Allocated Sports.

Key Dates

The dates of each season are generally based on the following:

  • Winter - 1st Saturday in April to the last Sunday in August. 
  • Summer - 2nd Saturday in September to the 2nd last Sunday in March.

2024 Winter Season: Saturday 6 April 2024 until Sunday 25 August 2024

2024/2025 Summer Season: Saturday 7 September 2024 until Sunday 23 March 2025

Day-to-day use of the Sportsfields

Our sportsfield operations can be viewed on the Northern Beaches Council Seasonal Sports User Manual and Conditions of Use for Allocated Sports document.

Sportsfield Lighting

The sportsfields that have floodlighting, are operated through an automatic SMS text message from an authorised user’s mobile phone. Please use the Instructions for SMS control of the Sportsfield Lighting document for the lighting codes and to operate the lights via a mobile phone. Most lights are programmed to turn off at 9.30pm, sporting activities are to cease by 9.15pm to ensure all participants are safely off the field prior to the lights turning off. Lights should only be activated when your sport is actually on the field.

If two sports groups are using the same field in the evening and you are the second user, please ensure you activate your lights via SMS before the first user turns them off. If you do not activate the lights in time and they turn off, the lights cannot be activated until they are fully cooled which could take 20-30 minutes.

If there are any issues with the sportsfield lighting during use contact Council’s After Hours Officer on 1300 434 434, the Officer is authorised to turn on the lights and will discuss the option of arranging an electrician to attend the site if they cannot.

Please report/email any lighting issues to Open Space Bookings with all the relevant details as soon as possible (preferably by 10am the following morning) to allow us time to rectify the issue for the upcoming night.

The fees for the use of the lights are listed in the adopted fees and charges.

Wet Weather

Council may close a sportsfield due to wet weather or other ground conditions. All groups must confirm sportsfield availability prior to use, at the wet weather status Northern Beaches Council webpage. All use should be suspended or cancelled during adverse weather conditions such as electrical storms and excessively heavy rain. Wet weather information is updated on the following schedule:

  • Weekdays - 8am and 3pm
  • Weekends and public holidays - 7am

Line Marking

Council undertakes one line marking for each field at the start of the season based on each sports request. Ongoing maintenance is the responsibility of the allocated sports group. Any line marking undertaken by the sports groups may include a growth retardant such as Primo (at 2ml per litre). Herbicides which kill the grass such as Roundup and Buster are not to be used. 

Buildings, Toilets, Keys and Bins

Any group that occupies a building requires a formal agreement with Council. All allocated sports groups will have access to onsite amenities. It is the allocated sporting groups responsibility to ensure toilets are open and available for use at all times. View the Northern Beaches Council Sportsground Toilets, Keys and Cleansing Document for more information for each site.

All areas including canteens, change rooms, toilets and gates are clean, locked and lights turned off after use. There are specific bins allocated to sporting groups each season, these bins are to be kept in the assigned storage location, view the bins allocated to a Sportsground document for the details for each site. When required bins are to be placed around the field and brought in at the end of each day and locked in the storage location. Any issues with the buildings, toilets and bins should be reported to Council immediately.

Vehicle Access

Permission from Council is required for any vehicles to load and unload equipment at a sportsfield. Vehicles cannot park on a sportsfield (grass or synthetic) or surrounding areas without a formal permit. 

Vehicles must not block pathways or impede pedestrian access. Accessible car parking spaces and areas in front of our slip rails and/or emergency vehicle access gates must be kept clear at all times.

Risk Management

All sporting groups are responsibility for the safety of their participants and attendees. A risk assessment of the sportsfield and related facilities is to be undertaken prior to each use to ensure that they are safe and suitable for the intended activities.

Access to a Sportsfield

Access to a sportsfield can be impacted by a number of things including events, capital works and maintenance. The dates and times sportsfields are not available in the 2024 season are listed below, this may be altered at any time. Further information on capital works program affecting sportsfields webpage

SportsfieldDate/s and Times - not available (as of 30/01/2024)
Aquatic ReserveEvent: Sportsfields are still available for use. Council re-use/recycle lower carpark, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May 2024. 
Boondah 5 & 5AMajor works until October 2025. Only 8 of the 10 netball courts available for use. No impact on the use of the soccer field. Car parking at the community centre will also no longer be available. 
Griffith ParkEvent: Sportsfield unavailable on from 7am to 9:30am, Sunday 25 August 2024.
Lake ParkEvent: Sportsfield unavailable on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 March 2024.
LM Graham ReserveEvent: Sportsfield unavailable from 7am on 18 April 2024 until 10.00pm 20 April 2024.
Narrabeen Sports High Turf Field

Event: Turf Field unavailable due to Car Boot Sale

  • Sunday 26 May 2024
  • Sunday 25 August 2024

This field currently has limited availability due to work on the school grounds.

North Narrabeen Reserve Field 6Event: Field 6 unavailable from 7am to 10:30am, Sunday 25 August 2024.
Seaforth OvalEvent: Shared use with Walking Race that finishes at Seaforth Oval Sunday 2 June 2024.
Tania ParkEvent: field unavailable from 8.00am on Thursday 2 May 2024 until 1.00pm on Saturday 4 May 2024.

Permission from Council is required for any vehicles to access the sportsfield to load and unload equipment. Vehicles cannot park on any of the grassed areas of a sportsfield without a formal permit. 

Fees for Seasonal Use

There are a number Council adopted fees and charges that apply to seasonal sports groups. All allocated sports will be charged a sportsfield user fee per member for the use of the sportsfields. Use of the sportsfields before 4pm on week days must be booked and is subject to additional fees.  

Winter Season 2024 Fees

Sportsfield user feeCost (per player)    
Seasonal use by community sports group – Junior players$14.80
Seasonal use by community sports group – Junior players – short season (up to a maximum of 12 weeks)$8.90
Seasonal use by community sports group – Senior players$20.00
Seasonal use by community sports group – Senior players – short season (up to a maximum of 12 weeks)$12.00

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