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Understanding the new Manly Parking Permit Scheme  

Footage of car reversing and parking sign 

Manly’s parking permit scheme has changed. And we want to let you know what’s new and help make sure you have all the key facts to help you apply and pay online.

Drone footage over Manly

The new Scheme considers the parking needs of both residents and their visitors  

The six different passes are shown on screen

The six permit types are - residential, multi-use, business, car share, special issue and support worker.

The red residential permit and green multi-use permit appears on screen

Let’s focus on the two most common - residential and multi-use.

Councils webpage about the permit scheme

The most significant changes are:

1.         Your application and payment process have moved online,

A close up of the new red residential parking permit

2.         Permits have a new look

3.         Your vehicle registration will be printed on the new permit and it needs to be stuck to your windscreen

Taking a photo of a power bill with a mobile phone

4.         There are several documents you’ll need to upload with your online application. 

Map of the ten permit areas on a computer screen and the mouse hovers over some of the areas which show the dates for that area.

You can find the new dates for your Scheme area listed on our website. Start and expiry dates have shifted from previous years.

A woman opens her laptop and goes to the Councils webpage

To apply, simply jump onto our website, search for Manly Parking Permit Scheme or go to the quick links on our home page.

Applying for your permit is quick and easy to do and there’s no need to come to Manly Town Hall. 

You’ll need to have your proof of identity and documentation ready to upload as part of your application.

Drone footage over Manly again.

There are also other changes which relate to the number of permits each resident can apply for.

A tradie pulls up outside a house and a male resident walks over to hand him a multi-use permit. The tradie sticks it onto his windscreen and you see a close up of how it looks.

Eligible residents can now apply for Two residential permits and One multi-use permit.

The multi-use permit allows you to have tradies or visitors park at your home and not be restricted by time limits. These should be displayed using a transferrable permit holder.

A male resident shows how to remove the residential parking permit and sticks it to their car windscreen.

Your residential permit will need to be stuck to your windscreen immediately.

Once your new scheme area commences, the old parking permits will no longer be valid, so it’s important that you display it on time. 

Car drives off and Council logo appears on screen.