Video text transcript

Family Day Care

(Text on screen) When you start going back to the office, keep your children safe at home

Female gets out of a car, smiles and beckons her child to follow her. She opens the gate of a house and knocks on the door and is welcomed inside by a smiling, waving lady with a Family Day Care name badge called Riza.

There is a room with three children sitting at a table having drinks.

(Text on screen) Family Day Care…small groups in an educator’s own home.

A small, excited child with a purple hat runs into the garden and joins three other children and an educator sitting on the lawn with a rug, cushions and baskets of toys.

(Text on screen) Family Day Care

Northern Beaches Council Family Day Care

Excited children sitting together eating and laughing, with their educator.

A Northern Beaches Council logo appears on a white background