Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Studiosity is an online study and support platform that offers personalised support and feedback whenever you need it. It is suitable for Year 3 to University and TAFE students. 

There are three tools inside this platform: Study Quizzes, Connect Live and Writing Feedback. 

Study Quizzes

  • Specialised, curriculum based practice tests that you can take at any time. You can practice core skills in a variety of subjects.

Connect Live Service

  • Online chat with a subject specialist. From 3pm to 12am, the specialists can assist with English, Maths and Science. In addition, a Study Coach available that can help with essential study skills. From 7pm to 12am, you can connect to a subject specialist who can assist with Commerce, Statistics, Economics and Accounting. 

Writing Feedback service

  • Upload a piece of writing for review and receive it back within 24 hours. It can be on any topic and the markers will review spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure and overall clarity of the writing. 

Don't forget that you can also access Studiosity on your mobile device through their app. All the above services are available. 

To access Studiosity, all you need is your Library Card Number and Pin.