For those unable to visit the library because of age or disability, the Home Library Service maintains a vital connection with all that the library offers. Your Home Library Service Officer will help you select items for reading or listening. Volunteers or staff will then deliver and collect your library items on a regular basis.

Register for the Home Library Service

If you or the person you care for is unable to visit the library or carry library items home due to age, frailty or disability, please complete our Home Library Service Application Form or call us on 8495 6888. 

A medical certificate or statement signed by a doctor may be required to assess eligibility.

What happens next?

After we receive your completed application form, a Home Library Service Officer will contact you to arrange a time to meet and discuss the service details with you.

Staff or volunteers will then select your items according to your borrowing preferences and then deliver them to you. During this visit you can return any items that you have finished with.

Additional services available

Council is taking measured precautions to keep our staff and community safe. In line with Government health advice and to maintain public health, these services will be unavailable until further notice.

Once you or the person you care for are registered with our Home Library Service, there are a few additional services available we can offer. These include:

  • Read-to-me service - This is a one-to-one session which involves a Home Library Service volunteer reading to you or the person you care for. This can be a book of your choice and can be organised as a monthly occurrence. 
  • Technology Help - To ensure a client does not feel uncomfortable with the technological side of our library service, we can offer a one-off visit to help you or the person you care for get started. We can help you with reserving items online, accessing eResources, downloading an eBook, etc.