Dee Why Library Study Rooms

The Study Rooms can be found on the second floor of the library.


Forestville Library Focus Pod

The Forestville Library Focus Pod can be found opposite the public computers, adjacent to the Library printing station.


Glen Street Library Project Space

The Glen Street Library project space can be found on the first floor of the library. 


Glen Street Library Study Rooms

The study rooms can be found adjacent to each other on the ground floor of the library.

GS Study Room 1

Manly Community Room

The Manly Community Meeting Room can be found on the ground floor of the library adjacent to the bathrooms. 


Manly Library Ferry Room

The Ferry Room can be found on the second level of Manly Library, accessible by the lift or stairs. 


Manly Library Shelly Room

The Shelly Room can be found on the second floor of Manly Library, accessible via the lift or stairs.


Manly Library Focus Pods

The two Manly Library Focus Pods can be found on Level 1 near the Library printing station.


Mona Vale Library Beaton Room

The Beaton Room is located at the far end of the library, adjacent to the local studies area and public computers.


Mona Vale Library Pelican Room

The Pelican Room can be found opposite the library circulation desk, adjacent to the bathrooms.


Warringah Mall Library Meeting Room

The Warringah Mall Meeting Room can be found towards the back of the library, adjacent to the children's area. 


Meeting Room Bookings Terms and Conditions

All hirers must abide by the following when hiring a meeting room at Northern Beaches Libraries.