• Ocean Street, Narrabeen in 1984

Monday, 5 August 2019

In 2005, a human skeleton was found during excavation works at a bus shelter in Narrabeen, near the corner of Octavia and Ocean Streets. Initial thoughts were that it was the body of a missing person but after examination, they found that the skeleton was rather old....the remains were dated to around 4,000 years ago. 

The skeleton was identified as an Aboriginal man between 30 to 40 years of age and around 183 centimetres tall. He is now known as the 'Narrabeen Man' and at that time was the oldest skeletal remains discovered in Sydney. 

The Narrabeen Man was found lying on his side with one arm across his head. Spear ends were found embedded into his vertebrae and there had been a blow to his head. This suggested the man died by spearing and his posture indicated a ritual or punishment killing. 

The remains are currently under care at Sydney University's J.J. Shellshear Museum. This facility looks at osteology, burial practices, forensic osteology and identification of non-human bone.