Friday, 18 October 2019

Are you ready for a spooky story? From ghosts, haunted houses and a rabbit afraid of his own underwear, the list below has it all. 

Go away, big green monster by Ed Emberley

What has a bluish-greenish nose, sharp white teeth and big yellow eyes? It is the Big Green Monster. 

The ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon by Aaron Blabey

Life is cursed for the people of Twee, the ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon haunts their every waking hour. Can the brave and practical Herbet Kettle help the people of Twee? This title is also available in Story Box Library

My dead bunny by Sigi Cohen

What happens when Brad, the zombie bunny, comes back to visit his owner? This title is also available in Story Box Library

Escape from Shudder Mansion by R.L. Stine

Riley Shinner is obsessed with a video game based on a real haunted house in his neighbourhood. However, there is a level in the game that he just can't seem to beat. Riley's solution then is to spend a night in the real haunted house. Can he get out?

The Witches by Roald Dahl

In this classic novel, witches dress in ordinary clothes and look like ordinary women but they are far from ordinary. They are always plotting and scheming with murderous, bloodthirsty thoughts and they hate children. 

Tales from outer suburbia by Shaun Tan

This is a collection of fifteen illustrated stories, some humorous and some haunting, set in the Australian suburbs. 

Scary night by Lesley Gibbes

Once upon a scary night, three friends set out on a journey. They tip-top in the pale moonlight but where were they planning to go? This title is also available in Story Box Library

Creepy pair of underwear by Aaron Reynolds

All you need to know about this book is that a rabbit is frightened by his underwear.