Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Next time you visit Warringah Mall, Dee Why, Forestville or Glen Street Library, look out for our new self-serve kiosks. Staff will be pleased to show you how they work and tell you about the new technology making borrowing and returning easier and more efficient. 

The kiosks make it easier for you to check out several items at a time because you no longer need to scan individual barcodes. It is also possible to check your account, renew items and pay fees via credit card or eftpos at the kiosk. 

The process of returning items has also improved as the technology quickly and reliably removes the items from your card when you place them in the returns chute. Forestville Library also has a new external chute that removes items from your card when the library is closed. It is simple to open with a library item or with your membership card. 

We are very excited to introduce this new technology and hope it makes your borrowing experience even better.