Library PIN Reset webtile
Monday, 11 March 2024

We’re improving our security measures to keep your information safe. 

From Tuesday 19 March, all Library members must reset their PIN to a new number that is six digits or more. 

Choosing a secure PIN

Your PIN should be a six-digit number that can’t be easily guessed, for example:

  • DON’T use the last six digits of your library card number
  • DON’T use your own birthdate or phone number
  • DON’T use simple sets of numbers, like 111111, 123456 or 000000
  • DON’T use the same PIN you use for your bank cards
  • DO use a number that you can remember but is hard to guess, such as a grandparent’s birthday or phone number

How to reset your PIN

From Tuesday 19 March, visit our 'Change your PIN' webpage and following the instructions.

If you need help changing your PIN, please visit your nearest library branch or phone 8495 5021.