Monday, 25 November 2019

Moustaches can be excellent all year round but November makes them extra special, thanks to the Movember initiative. In recognition of this cause, we have compiled a list of characters in books, film and TV that sported an iconic and beloved moustache. 

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The Lorax

From Dr Seuss's The Lorax 

The original eco warrior kept an impressive moustache in Dr Seuss's tales but it looked quite extraordinary on the big screen

Hercule Poirot

From Agatha Christie's detective stories

This Belgian detective is world-renowned for his crime solving skills, but could his fame also have something to do with that iconic moustache? There have been many adaptations of Poirot's facial hair for film and TV, with a more recent version created for Kenneth Branagh in Murder on the Orient Express

Dr John Watson 

From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories

Something that could be considered on par with Sherlock Holmes's deduction skills is Dr John Watson's moustache. Most recent adaptations for the big screen include the Sherlock Holmes films and BBC's Sherlock, series three

Ron Burgundy

From Anchorman: the legend of Ron Burgundy and Anchorman 2: the legend continues 

Was there ever a bigger fan of Ron Burgundy's 70s inspired moustache then Ron Burgundy himself? One of his first lines is, after all, 'I look good. I mean, really good. Hey, everyone! Come and see how good I look!'

Ron Swanson 

From Parks and Recreation television series 

Ron Swanson, with his well-kept moustache, presents himself with a strict demeanour in the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. Underneath it all however, he plays the saxophone as Duke Silver, enjoys artichokes, riddles and scavenger hunts. 

Captain Hook

From the Peter Pan stories 

While the Captain of the Jolly Roger has a hook for a hand, we are often distracted by his impressive moustache. If you would like to see a great adaptation, check out the 1991 film Hook