Friday, 30 August 2019

In celebration of History Week, our talented Local Studies team have selected their favourite images from our collection. If you want to see more historical images, head over to the Local Studies image search page. 


Sam Trass and friend relaxing at camping grounds at Narrabeen Lakes 1920s.

'The photo epitomises the relaxed life style of the Northern Beaches, then and now. The simple pleasure of enjoying a meal and camping in the great outdoors, possibly after a game of cricket judging by the bat in the foreground.'

From Sharelle, Local Studies Librarian 


Manly Ocean Beach, 1900s.

'I love it because it captures the joy, energy and adventure of families and tourists visiting Manly beach. Change the clothes and it could have been taken yesterday.'

From Jason, Digital Asset Officer

Image courtesy of John Fairfax & Sons, donated by Speedo Group Ltd.

'I like this image as it shows young women embracing the emerging surfing culture and the outdoor lifestyle of the Northern Beaches, pretty avant-garde at the time.'

From Michael, Local Studies Officer

First tram to Brookvale, 1910.

'Saturday 16 April, 1910 was a great day of celebration for the local community with the arrival of the first tram from Manly to Brookvale. Cheered all the way by locals lining the road, the tram steamed into Brookvale, led for the final yards by a brass band and pipers. Public service of the Brookvale extension began on 20 April with a 30 minute service totalling 32 trips daily, with 21 on Sundays.'

From Michelle, Local Studies Historian