World Book Online
Saturday, 1 July 2023

Enhance your studies and education at home with World Book Online, a range of engaging resources for children in Kindergarten through to Year 12.  

With interactive and educational games, articles, videos, research guides and more, World Book Online’s easy-to-use databases are designed to make learning fun at every level.

World Book Kids: Build confidence and encourage creativity with thousands of easy-to-read articles, educational games, activities, science experiments, a dictionary, an atlas, interactive maps and a tool for comparing places or animals’ side by side.

World Book Student: Play science and math games and search the World Book Encyclopedia for information from trusted sources including translations to 100+ languages, a Biography centre, current events, research guides and seamless integrations with Google Classroom and Microsoft OneDrive.

World Book Advanced: Access fact-checking resources including an ‘In the Headlines’ live news feed, world newspapers, Primary source documents, biographies, articles, and Teaching with Documents to aid in-depth conceptual understanding within the classroom curriculum.

World Book Timelines: Create and customise your own Timelines or browse through a growing collection of 650+ unique Timelines, spanning the arts, science and technology, society and culture, sports, world history, geography and more.

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