Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Is your child looking to learn more about the skies, the world or history? Then take a look at our junior non-fiction collection. Below are some of the many books you can borrow. 



Books to read if you want to learn about the sky:

Secrets in the skies - Giles Sparrow

This detailed visual journey explores the life and discoveries of Galileo Galilei. 

Mars - Shauna Edson

This book explores the evidence for past life on Mars, what's happening there now and what it might look like to live on the red planet. 

Books to read if you want to learn about philosophy:

Big ideas for young thinkersJamia Wilson

Explore 20 of the biggest questions of our time and learn why the world needs young thinkers.  

PhilosophersSusanna Wright

This book looks at those who challenged the thinking around reason, race, gender, politics, difference and diversity. 

Books to read if you want to learn about trailblazers:

Work it, girl series - Caroline Moss

Find out how to become a leader like Michelle Obama, boss the bestseller list like J.K. Rowling or run the show like CEO Oprah Winfrey in this illustrated series. 

Stories for boys who dare to be differentBen Brooks

Read some true tales of amazing boys who changed the world without killing dragons. 

Books to read if you want to learn about animals:

Amazing evolution: the journey of life - Anna Claybourne

Learn what makes a fish a fish, a bird a bird and what makes some superstar creatures so special. 

Wonder Garden: Wonder through the world's wildest habitatsJenny Broom

Celebrate the diversity of life on Earth with a parade of rare and unexpected creatures.